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Camp: Rivals 3 Stripe

Had an awesome camp today at Rivals 3 Stripe Camp in Lancaster, TX!  There was some amazing talent on both sides of the ball from all over the region.  I won some…lost some, but it was all against 3+ star juniors with a few dozen offers between them.  Here’s a couple of my clips from the day:

Rivals New Speed Combine – Earned Invitation to Rivals 3 Stripe Camp

2800 Athletes Registered…Over 1700 completed the testing…5 were chosen to move forward to the Invite Only Rivals 3 Stripe Camp…I was one of the 5!  I am beyond honored to have been given the invitation to come back on Sunday and compete with some of the region’s best 3 and 4-star juniors!

Article on the 5 players that were invited:



Co-MVP – Under Armour Camp – Houston

Competed at TE & LT in my last junior high event this weekend.  Honored to be named co-MVP of the Under Armour Camp in Houston this weekend.  Deon Sanders was there to coach and present the awards.  Under Armour did a great job with their first camp series for junior high athletes.  The event was invitation-only, free, and the athletes all received some great gear!